Joel Kimmel

Twitter : @joelkimmel

Joel is an illustrator based in Canada. Amid snow drifts and ice crevasses, he has burrowed his way into a nice studio within the foundations of the Canadian Shield.

When he’s not shoveling or chasing away polar bears, Joel illustrates portraits, narrative illustrations and other fun things. In illustration, he takes inspiration from vintage tinted photographs and postcards– their color schemes and textures, mostly.

In addition to illustration, Joel is also a printer and illustrator for Papillon Press, a letterpress stationery company, run by his wife, Chantal.

Joel also teaches illustration part time at Cambrian College.

Some clients include: Adweek, Atlanta Magazine, Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, Canadian Lawyer, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Grantland, McSweeney’s, Pentagram, Globe and Mail, Los Angeles Times, National Post, Maisonneuve, Runner’s World, Seattle Met, Sportsnet Magazine, The Walrus, Toronto Life, Sportsnet Magazine, Wired Magazine