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The Great Viking Adventure – Noah Patrick Pfarr

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The Great Viking Adventure was originally a play written by an old friend of mine and comedic genius, Patrick Goodman.  A few years back, he asked me if I wanted to try bringing these characters to life.   I had a great time having complete control over designing the look of this rag-tag group of unlikely heroes, and I finally have the pleasure of showing off the first finished illustration of the whole gang.  Hopefully you will be seeing more of this motley crew in the near future!


Thorin Skulsplitter – Fearless Leader:


Magnus ver Surtsin – Man-at-Arms (deceptive old man strength)


Halfdan Fairchild – Tragically Handsome (an undesirable trait to the vikings)


Alrick Alrickson – (that’s “Big Al” to you)


Olaf the Stout – not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s certainly one of the thickest.


Here is a small excerpt from the original play by Patrick L Goodman –

Thorin: (holds up amulet) “With the help of this magical amulet” (Sweeps his hand across his body) “We will travel to the ends of the earth!”

Crowd Member #1: “But we’d surely fall off?” (a few agree; they nudge their way through to leave)

[the crowd raises shouts of cowardice at the men who slink off due to the length of the adventure]

Thorin: “To stand face to face with the most” (raises his hands in mock claws, baring his teeth) “terrible dangers imaginable.”

Crowd Member #2: “Too dangerous for my blood.” (a few agree; they nudge their way through to leave)

[again, the crowd raises shouts of cowardice at the men who slink off due to the dangerousness of the adventure]

Thorin: “And reforge the sword of Ferocious Fenryr” (raises fist) “the Bold!”

[cheers are cut short, as an immediate rumbling among the Vikings begins at this last bit of information; Thorin stands for a moment in his victor’s pose, until he notices that a mighty cheer hasn’t been risen, and, still in his pose, sweeps the crowd with his head]

Thorin: “Well” (palms up) “What’s wrong?”

Heckler: (incredulously) “Did you really just mention the cursed sword of Ferocious Fenryr the Cold?”

Thorin: “That’s the Bold” (juts chin at Heckler, points with finger close to body; straightens up, nodding) “And yes, the very one. Now if we’re just…”

[more grumbling]

Heckler: (waves hand in air like clearing mental cobwebs) “Wait, wait wait.” (rubs forehead) “Are we talking about the same sword that Ferocious Fenryr forged to defeat the nigh-formidable ice wizard, Freezor” (all cross their chests, spit) “who lives in the ice castle nestled at the top of Ice Mountain?”

Thorin: (put out) “Again, the very same. Now, if there are no other questions, I would like to…” (hangs head as all Vikings in attendance raise their hands) “Ok, ok,how about… you.” (points to timid-looking Viking)

Timid Viking: (fiddles with hands) “Um..well, it’s a (lifts two fingers) two part question”

[Thorin sighs, and circles his two finger to tell the Timid Viking to hurry things up; the entire hall turn their gazes towards Q#2]

Timid Viking: (clears throat; fiddles with hands) “Yes, well, after Fenryr and his entire crew were turned into icecubes, wasn’t the sword (flexes fingers; stresses) “shattered into five pieces, (sweeps hands) “scattered across the land, and protected by the minions of the evil ice wizard.”

[the entire hall turn their gazes towards Thorin]

Thorin: (rolls eyes) “Yes” (one hand out, palm up, other on hip) “but I believe that I have already covered the” (ticks off with fingers) “travel and danger parts of the adventure.”

Viking Crowd: (nod at each other) “He’s right there,” “Aye, he already has.”

Thorin: (casually) “And the second part?”

Timid Viking: (turns, a bit stunned) “What?” (recovers) “Oh yeah, what’s the, uh” (folds hands over chest, searches floor with eyes, pops up with answer) “What’s the purpose for getting the sword again?”

Thorin: (thoroughly put out, looks up; curtly) “To obtain the treasure.”

Viking Crowd: (together) “Oh, yeah” (boastfully) “You can count me in.” and “Where’s that sign-up sheet?”

Heckler: (cups hands to mouth) “Hey! I’ve got one more.”

Thorin: (livid; pointed finger close to chest again; teeth clenched) “Make it quick.”

Heckler: (raises arms questioningly, hip high) “Who’s treasure is it?”

[the crowd stops it’s positive murmuring, and silently turn towards Thorin]

Thorin: (still in angry pose; face turns sheepish, eyes scan crowd) “Yes.. well, ah hehe.” (straightens up; angry pointed finger turns to wagging one near shoulder; crowd leans in) “the treasure” (patty-cakes hands) “belongs to… (spreads hands like guilty child; guiltily) “Freezor(?)”

Viking Crowd: (hands begin flailing up and down) “A one-way ticket to Valhalla, that is,” “See you at Ragnarok, Skulsplitter,” etc

[the crowd disperses en masse, as Thorin is left alone on the stage with his head hanging down; stage darkens, spotlight on Thorin to show his isolation]

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