Andrea Kalfas / book cover / digital / exhibition / illustration / Lettering

Andrea Kalfas – Neuromancer


Atomic Books is an amazing local independent book store in Baltimore that sells scores of hard-to-find and mainstream comics and art books, is frequented by John Waters, and has a bar in the back plastered with Dan Clowes art. Recently they had an exhibition, “Jackets & Sleeves” for which illustrators were invited to create their own book and LP covers from a list of classics. I chose William Gibson’s Neuromancer as it’s incredible and one of my all-time favorites. It was a bit of a challenge to tackle such a beloved story (and to avoid the slightly overused imagery of Molly Millions), but I really enjoyed this stretch in my style. Go read Neuromancer. Gibson’s famous conception of the internet-before-the-internet is mind-blowing.

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