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2014 Roundup

Somehow my luck is still good. Here is my 2014 highlight reel, thanks for reading…

This half page for Variety was one of my favorites from the whole year. It was for an article about just how wild west it can get on social media with the attendees at SXSW Interactive:


These two pieces – a cover about lethal injection in Missouri for The Pitch and another feature for Variety about film schools in America – were both accepted into the editorial category for Society of Illustrators 57. I’m so excited to be included in the show with the other artists and so many friends.



This was one of the best years I’ve ever had for picking up new clients, one of which is UPenn Arts & Science Magazine and the AD Matt Leake is a total ace. This piece about models for predicting outcomes of global events was another favorite:


My old weekly assignment for NYTimes Science tapered off in 2014 after a 10 year run but I still had a couple of fun stories to work on here and there. This one was about computers that can defend themselves against invading bugs and hackers:


And there was other work to do for the Times as well. These two, one OpEd about the shootings at UC Santa Barbara and a Letters piece about the CIA report on torture, were challenging stories. As grim as the topics were, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the discussion.



And this was a great project for the NYTimes Arts & Leisure about a writer’s various attempts to get a pilot produced for network tv:




This was one of my favorite packages of the year – a cover and spread for Forward about remanufacturing and the circular economy:



One of the standout details of this year was that I did more full pages, spreads and covers than ever before. I hope it’s a trend, not just for me, but for illustration in general. This one was for the Sierra Club about the culture of dirty energy in the Deep South:


And I got to try my hand at illustrated type for this Phoenix New Times cover:

Cover 6-19_TempeBusiness_RAY.indd

And this was definitely my favorite killed cover for a feature about Slacktivism. I still wish I could have sold this one…


Late in the year I really tried to commit myself to more personal projects. 2015 will see some minicomics for MoCCA Fest and maybe a kids book pitch. I’d also love to participate in a group zine, or maybe even make one myself. For now, I did manage to finally get Modern Arf off the ground and lots more of that to come next year –



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