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Teatime with Animals – The Clipper Ship Tea Company – PJ McQuade

A couple years ago, my friend Melissa opened The Clipper Ship Tea Company, a tea shop in our hometown of Northport, New York. Soon thereafter, we serendipitously started a collaboration of artwork and tea with the Teatime with Animals series.  Each illustration I create will feature one animal famously indigenous to a tea growing country, and Melissa will blend a tea to pair with my image, based on the country and the colors/vibe of my art. Below are the first 3 (of 8) Elephant’s Teacup, Tiger’s Chai and Snow Monkey Tea.  More to come!

Elephant's Teacup Teatime for Animals PJ McQuade 1

ELEPHANT’S TEACUP (Sri Lanka). A brisk Ceylon Black Tea blended with Sri Lankan cinnamon and tropical island fruits. A finely balanced tea is a perfect harmony of sweet and spiced. This tea pays homage to the peaceful and tranquil beauty of Sri Lanka.

 Tiger's Chai Teatime for Animals PJ McQuade 1

TIGER’S CHAI (India).  A majestic Indian Darjeeling Black Tea blended with bold Indian spices, delicate aromatic flowers and rich notes of vanilla.  An elegant and aristocratic tea that celebrates India and it’s majestic Bengal tigers.

Snow Monkey Tea Teatime for Animals PJ McQuade

SNOW MONKEY TEA (JAPAN).  A Delicate Japanese sencha green tea blended with soothing lavender, warm vanilla and sweet blueberries.  An aromatic tea that’s a spa in a cup.  An ethereal tea blended in honor of Japanese hot springs and the whimsical world of snow monkeys.


We are creating custom packaging so they can be sold in tins individually and in a gift box with all 8 tins packaged together.

For more information about the project, The Clipper Ship Tea Company and the teas, check out my site HERE

Prints and greeting cards are available thru my shop HERE


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