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Chris Gash – Where you been?

Here is a roundup of some fun projects from the past few months…

One of my favorite pieces ever, for Variety, about the #tech #nerd #drama at SXSW Interactive:


This was an advertorial for Gawker Media for the show Devious Maids – cleaning tips for a crime scene:


I had a great time on this one for the NYTimes Sunday Styles about the empowering feeling of speaking up for yourself:





This one for Canadian Business was about the difficulties of moving your manufacturing to China:


Great article for Research Magazine about when financial planners start incorporating religion into their advice:


This Pitch cover story was about Missouri’s dubious death penalty protocols:


A full page opener for MFE about finding the hidden value in your rental property:


And still doing Science Times, although not as regularly, there’s been a lot more photos lately (booooo). This was last week’s spot about a bacteria that turns plants into zombies:


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! More updates coming with soon with work McKinsey, Variety, Miami Herald and my new weekly for The Wall Street Journal.


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