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PJ McQuade – Stephen King & SMAUG





My print for Hero Complex Gallery ‘King for a Day’, an art tribute to Stephen King’s works, opening on March 21st, 2014 in Los Angeles. A portion of all proceeds of the show will benefit Mr. King’s charity of choice, The Haven Foundation (, a non-profit service that serves to benefit freelance creatives of all types who have found themselves unable to work due to disease or accident.

12×12″ (edition of 35) prints available HERE

24×24″ (edition of 5) prints available HERE


Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade


Rankin/Bass style.
I know in some Tolkien circles, the Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit flick gets some guff, but in my world, it’s still TOPS.  And, no offense to Peter Jackson and company, but the Rankin/Bass Smaug is better.  I wanted to LOVE Cumberbatch’s new Smaug, but despite high hopes, I found him to be like a solid B.  Does the job well but nothing super inspired, a little too by the numbers for me.  Dragons are like pizza, even an OK slice is great, but they are done usually pretty underwhelming in movies, the incredible Verminthrax Perjorative from Dragon Slayer being the exception. The Rankin/Bass design really takes such a huge risk, I mean, a cat dragon? but its so crazy that it actually works. A unique, bold choice.  Hats off.  Very ballsy, very un-Tolkien (sure to piss off purists)  but whatever, he captures the spirit in spades. He’s got such a powerful badass presence, a serious ‘tude and a great voice, thanks to veteran actor Peter Boone, who added just a touch of western outlaw to the mix. An odd combination for sure but I think it works brilliantly.  His line readings range from relax and confident to totally unhinged and frightening, all done without any weird, unnecessary audio filters and sound effects. The Rankin/Bass Smaug delivers the goods.
SO, in honor of Rankin/Bass and Peter Boone, I created this 8×10″ limited edition (30) prints for the “When The Lights Go Out 2” Glow in the Dark show at the Bottleneck Gallery.   Variant color version available as well, edition of 20.


Variant Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade


That’s right, it glows in the dark! Check out below for an approximation of the effect.


Glow Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade

 Non glowy shots of prints with the lights on below.





All prints hand signed and numbered.

8×10″ standard version available HERE

Variant available HERE

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