Daniel Fishel / New Personal Work

Daniel Fishel – Zines and other personal projects

I do not have the chance to do a lot of personal work these days but lately I was asked to be apart of a few collaborations. Below are a few things I worked on outside of my published work…















These are two 6″ x 8″ oversized post it note ink drawings I did for the Foxing Quarterly post it note show at the Fantagraphics Gallery and Book Store in Seattle, WA. You can buy one of these if you want at the book store Wednesday, February 26th at 7pm.


I made this illustration for a zine called Hydrochloric #2, where everyone involved in the zine made an image involving a Skull. Big thank you to Daniel Zender for curating my work for the zine.


Last but not least, I made this image for a zine called “/creepythread” where each person was asked to create an image based off of a creepy pasta story on the internet. Read more about this image here. A big thank you to Jensine Eckwall for asking me to contribute to the zine.

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