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Daniel Hertzberg – Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park


I had the honor of working with the advertising firm Hill Holiday on branding and illustrating Bank of America’s Winter Village at Bryant Park. The illustrations were used for entry pylons throughout the park, dasher boards (along the boards of the ice rink), light towers, entrance gates, barricade covers, and a bunch of promotion materials, including Bryant Park’s website, banners along 42nd Street and even a large ad in Times Square (starting November 15th). The  rink will be open at the park until March, and it’s free admission!

For more information:

Below is a map of the park and where the illustrated work is located throughout the park:

2013 Bryant Park Specs

Most of the people featured in these pieces were purchased from stock images, in-part because of the approval process. The families and couples in the images had to be ethnically diverse, vary in age and gender, shopping, ice skating and enjoying themselves immensely. The idea was to help make the Winter Village feel like warmest, happiest place in Manhattan. A lot my own photography was used here too, in particular- elements of Bryant Park or buildings around New York, including Yankee Stadium, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc. All my photos from the park were taken during the summer, so I winterized them by adding snow to the lamp posts and chairs and made the snow flakes a little transparent, to show the layering.

Here are the four light towers, which are three-sided. There needed to be space for text and logo above each side, with one be more than the others:


The buildings in the back were completely made-up but based on a row of apartments I’ve seen in Harlem, very NY with the water towers.


With the NY Public Library (which is next tot he park) and layered buildings.


The Bank of America Building (at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Ave.) had to be prominently featured. The building to the right is the Grace building which isn’t actually that close to the BofA building, so I threw it in here to create a vortex between the trio of buildings.


The trees at Bryant Park are London planes, which had to be featured as well.

Below are the other materials for the entrance gates (which were changes a little bit):


IMG_0503 IMG_0502

And the dasher boards:



And the barricade covers, which feature the stone columns all around the park. We thought it could be neat to place them on these so when barricades are placed together, it gives the impression of the stone columns connecting to each other:

load-in and inspection pics 014

Here are some of the first sketches for these. You’ll notice they feel much more like a collage with varying sizes and play with proportions and even more layering going on. Also colors had the primary red, white, blue, beige but green, purple, orange and a few others were used.


Here are some of the second sketches, but more focused colors and relationships between people and objects.


And here are a few more photos of the work in context. Apologies for the terrible photos! Night time was not the best time to take these:

daniel_hertzberg_bryant_park_winter_village_bank_of_america_1 daniel_hertzberg_bryant_park_winter_village_bank_of_america_2 daniel_hertzberg_bryant_park_winter_village_bank_of_america_3


Many thanks to the folks at Hill Holiday, Bank of America and Bryant Park for considering me for this project. It’s nice to see illustration used in other places in the public domain!

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