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Daniel Hertzberg: Autumn Update

It’s been a little while, I hope you’ve been well! Here’s a long overdue update.


This was a full-pager for Forbes magazine several months ago, for a profile and interview with “Dread Pirate Roberts,” the anonymous and highly secretive drug lord of the website Silk Road- the largest illegal drug market website in the world. Using anonymity software Tor and purchases made with Bitcoin, it’s impossible for anyone to track him or anyone else on the website (until last month!). http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/08/14/meet-the-dread-pirate-roberts-the-man-behind-booming-black-market-drug-website-silk-road/  Many sketches below for this one:


I tried to combine drugs and the web with these, I was hoping they’d chose the pixelated sheet of acid or pixelated dime-bags of different drugs. More sketches below:



This was for the New Yorker a few months ago, for a film review of “The Butler” starring Forest Whitaker. I scanned my own dress pants and socks for the textures. Sketches below and a reference of myself as well.



This was for the Boston Globe, for a book review of “Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge,” about several murders that occurred near the Sagamore Bridge in Massachusetts. Some sketches below:



This spread was for Experience Life over the summer, about “Finding your edge” and overcoming yourself to get an optimal workout experience, taking yourself tot he next level.


This was another one for Experience Life, about introducing changes to your workout routine, like slowly lifting higher weights… they seemed to fit the latter shape perfectly. Here are a bunch of sketches for this, as well as references for the hills in the background (I used towels for the texture). I tried combining rest with workouts in some of these, unsuccessfully.




For Education Week, about the “Ecology of Learning.” Sketches below:



Cover and inside spread for MFE magazine, about their annual “Apartment Renovation Index.” Just wanted to show someone adding value to an apartment. Sketches below:



Investments in Mexico for Wall Street Journal.

There’s much more work I’ve done the past few months, but these are just a select few. Thanks for having a look!

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