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PJ McQuade – The Hollywood Reporter

Illustration for The Hollywood Reporter about NFL pre-game shows and all the shoulder TV programming related to the NFL, otherwise known as the halo effect. The concept was to have a big football player (in an NFL jersey, holding a TV) at the bottom and he’d be literally carrying specific sportscasters and each network they represent. Chris Berman (ESPN), Tony Dungy (NBC), Shannon Sharpe (CBS) and Terry Bradshaw (FOX). The-Hollywood-Reporter-illustration-NFL-Hosts-Final-PJ-McQuade 1

The Hollywood-Reporter-NFL-Hosts-Final-PJ-McQuade

Hollywood Reporter Sketches PL McQuade

The Hollywood Reporter sketch and final illustration new NFL Shows Sketch PJ McQuade

The Hollywood-Reporter illustration NFL-Hosts-Final-PJ-McQuade

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