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Brett Affrunti – Arrested Development ad in The New Yorker


This job was a dream come true for me. Not only am I a huge fan of Arrested Development, but I also had the opportunity to have a full page advertorial in The New Yorker! The fantastic people at the New Yorker pretty much gave me total creative freedom as far as composition, details, etc. The only request given to me by the New Yorker was that the portraits were a bit on the tighter side, and that the likeness was very close. I found out half way into the sketch phase that this was because the cast members had to approve their likeness! All nine of them! As you could imagine, this was a bit stressful! But in the end, all nine cast members approved of the art without any problems or concerns, and this is one of my favorite and most proud pieces to date.
I also did the hand done type you see in this ad which was a fun little addition at the end of the project. Also, the wonderful crew at Netflix asked me to sign the piece, which was just a thrill for me. Many thanks to everyone involved in this project! Enjoy!




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