Daniel Fishel / Editorial / Globe and Mail

Daniel Fishel – Recent work for the Globe & Mail


I do an illustration almost every month for Matt French over at the Globe & Mail. The work that I do for their section called “Facts and Arguments” really appeals to the way I do problem solving in a way that is both narrative and conceptual. Here is the last three piece’s I’ve done for them.


This illustration was for an essay about a runner who ran on a late night marathon team, where an SUV would drive a head and he would tag the next person at a check point before taking a break after running so many miles. The essay focused heavy on how he dealt with the pains of running long distance while running alone during the overnight relay.

Read about it here…



The Globe & Mail recently went through a redesign so now all of the illustrations are a little more narrow that what I normally do for them.

This is for a story that ran in July 4th.  It is for a story about a women who get’s laid off and takes the only job she could get. It was to sell newspaper subscriptions as a telemarketer and she loathed it.

Read the essay here…



Lastly, this is for a story about how the author went on a cruise ship with his wife, and met another couple whom they got along with really well. After talking a bit, the author and the wife of the other couple discovered they are actually long lost cousins.

Read about it here…

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