Daniel Hertzberg / Editorial / New Work

Daniel Hertzberg – Nautilus: “A Universe Made of Tiny, Random Chunks”


This was done for Len Small at Nautilus a few weeks ago. It’s about this idea of “space-time” where space and time come together, “a grainy, uncertain space-time beyond the reach of smooth, continuous functions” where straight lines, curves, math or any kind of predictability do not exist… infinite energy in a very small volume.

I guess my inner Gerhard Richter came out and wanted to do something very risky, big, abstract. This was almost impossible to illustrate but I applaud Len for believing in me letting me go in such a different direction. I scanned bread, oregano, parsley, chili powder and a few penicl/pen drawings for this, and just wanted it to be interesting to the viewer… apparently this space-time is a “grey, colorless void” as well, so color had to get in a little bit.

Below are a couple other “sketches” and one of the used scans as well. It was important to me to keep something photographic in this.




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