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PJ McQuade – Nashville Scene cover – Bonnaroo Edition

Nashville-Scene-Cover-Bonnaroo PJ McQuade

I recently illustrated the cover for the Nashville Scene, The Bonnaroo Edition. It’s on stands today, check it out Tennessee. I was asked to make it resemble the poster of the classic war movie The Dirty Dozen starring Lee Marvin & Charles Bronson, except substitute water guns for machine guns. Skvert! It spotlights all the festival headliners – Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons, Tom Petty, Bjork, Empire of the Sun, Pretty Lights, Wu-Tang Clan, R. Kelly, Wilco, Billi Idol, Animal Collective and Ed Helms on the banjo, I hear he’s quite the picker. There’s an online article about them all, check out the article HERE.


Nashville Scene Dirty Bonnaroo In Progress PJ McQuade

Here’s my initial sketch.  I included ZZ Top & Weird Al stabbing about to stab someone with a banana, but since they weren’t part of the paper’s article they had to be subbed out, poor Al.

Nashville Scene Cover Bonnaroo PJ McQuade

Final Artwork

Nashville Scene Cover Bonnaroo PJ McQuade-1

Bingo board Nashville-Scene-Cover-Bonnaroo PJ McQuade

I also created their annual bingo board.  Festival goers take photos of the above categories and send them into the newspaper, try to spot them all this weekend.

Nashville Scene Cover Bonnaroo Bingo PJ McQuade 1

Nashville-Scene-Cover-Bonnaroo PJ McQuade-1

Hot of the press!

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