Joel Kimmel

Joel Kimmel – Field & Stream, AFAR Magazine

Map of Guyana for Field & Stream

Map of Guyana for Field & Stream

Here is a small map of Guyana I illustrated for Field & Stream. The author of the story took a fishing trip down there and the drawings shown on the map indicate the type of fish they caught, some of the sights they saw and how they traveled. I always enjoy doing maps because I get to draw fun things and learn a bit about geography.

Below are a couple portraits of some good-looking people for AFAR Magazine, which is just a beautiful magazine. I received a contributor’s copy and if it doesn’t want to make you travel, your name must be Chris Gash (IlloConfidential pal, who isn’t much of a fan of flying). As you can see below, it’s hard to resist putting a circle behind everyone’s head, but sometimes it has to be done.

afar_donley afar_portrait



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