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PJ McQuade – Toronto Life – Mayor Rob Ford’s Magical Mystery Tour

When Toronto Life‘s AD Bradley Reinhardt asked me to illustrate a series featuring their city’s Mayor Rob Ford at work on his North American Tour, I nearly jumped out of my shoes! Mr. Ford is such an amazing leader and a wonderful guy. Toronto, NAY, the world, is lucky to have him. Let’s follow him on his adventures…

First up, here he is at the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am Games.  The crowd loved him!

Toronto-Mayor-Rob-Ford-Illustrations-Toronto-Life-PJ-McQuade copy 31

Stopping by Calgary Stampeder’s locker room.  He’s always welcome there.


Networking with other tourists in Chicago’s Millennium Park!

Toronto-Mayor-Rob-Ford-Illustrations-Toronto-Life-PJ-McQuade copy 2

Studying the effects of climate change down in Florida.

Toronto-Mayor-Rob-Ford-Illustrations-Toronto-Life-PJ-McQuade copy

Finally, after a grueling public relations tour, he rewarded himself with an ice cream cone and trip to Walt Disney World. You deserve it, Mr. Ford!

Toronto-Mayor-Rob-Ford-Illustrations-Toronto-Life-PJ-McQuade copy 3

Here’s the layout as featured in Toronto Life.  It’s such a funny, cutting take on Rob Ford’s tenure as Mayor, there’s many more pages of content about him as well. Check it out denizens of Toronto, unless you actually support him… it may prove bothersome to say the least.

Toronto Life PJ McQuade illustration

Special thanks to Bradley for the terrific assignment, cheers!

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