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Daniel Fishel – Baltimore City Paper

I worked on a series of illustrations for Baltimore City Paper over the weekend. This is the second time I’ve illustrated a story written by Michael Gonzales. His stories are typically about growing up in the late 70’s/early 80’s in Baltimore as a teenager/young adult.

This story in particular is about how Michael was satisfied with most things in his life as a seventeen year old, except the fact that he didn’t have a girlfriend. After an evening hanging out with one of his close friends, they ran into a stranger who led them to “The Block”. The Block is a street in Baltimore where all of the strip clubs are located. After spending a night in a strip club with his friends, he meets a stripper named Coba. He eventually falls in love with her and ends up having his heart broken. Big thanks to Joe Macleod for letting me have a ton of creative freedom on this series and also letting me hand letter the entire cover.

Read the article here…..




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