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Joel Kimmel – Seattle Met


I had the privilege to work on a cover illustration for Seattle Met‘s travel issue. It was quite the experience working on a cover, getting to see a little peek behind the scenes as to how a cover is decided upon. Getting an illustrated cover approved isn’t easy, so I was very excited once I got word that this was a go.

We were trying to decide on the location for the cover illustration and some of the options were Waikiki Beach in Hawaii or Paris, France. In the end the editors decided to go with Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. It’s a popular destination for snorkelers and after a few rounds of sketches (you can see them here) and ideas, we were happy with this aerial approach, looking down on the reef and the snorkelers.

This illustration really came together with the cover design by André Mora.


5 thoughts on “Joel Kimmel – Seattle Met

  1. LOVE IT, stunning. Great shot, excellent rendering of everything! I want to be there right now. Wish there were more details shots of the swimmers and stuff, I want more looks! :)

  2. I really love how this came out. Also the shot of the magazine on the news stand from your blog really goes to show how illustration can really separate that publication from the rest. :)

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