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Penthouse Magazine feature – Noah Patrick Pfarr

In the midst of the Hurricane Sandy madness, I was commissioned to do another full page for Penthouse magazine.   I love their assignments because they always have an element of  humor that I can exploit.  The story was written like a how-to guide for picking up ladies by pretending to be an international man of mystery.   If you look closely, I may have snuck one of my favorite  Robert McGinnis paintings in the background as a tribute to all the amazing paperback covers he painted for the spy genre.  ENJOY!


I also did a spot to accompany the feature.  This one was illustrating one of the tips:

“Walk out with her and have three of your friends jump out of a van wearing ski masks and attempt to assault you so you can take them down and look like a hero… Let them know you owe them a six-pack for every punch in the face”


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