Brett Affrunti / Editorial / New Work / portraits

Brett Affrunti – Billboard, Delta Sky and more

Happy New Year everybody! I’m a little late with this post, but I figured I’d show some new work and some unseen work that I enjoyed from 2012!

Thrilled to be in the last issue of Billboard Magazine!

Full page illustration for AOPA Pilot – for a story on the tragic plane crash that killed John Denver

Ellen DeGeneres and Mindy Kaling for Delta SKY Magazine

I had fun on this project! Cover of a newly launches iPad magazine called “Range”, for Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association

Fun spread for Toronto Life on “Glamour Camping” or “Glamping”. I was asked to create a camping scene to place photos of specific products on top of. This one was challenging to make sure that the perspective of everything was correct. Lots and lots of sketching on this one! The art director had to change up the color from black line work to this gradient because the black was a bit heavy. Enjoy!

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