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Keith Negley – Newsweek


Last week I was contacted by Sean Noyce over at Newsweek to create something for their first digital issue. It’s for a story pegged to the shootings in Connecticut, that addresses the extreme polarization of the gun control debate, and how our policies will never change until we can have honest discussions with one another. I didn’t have the faintest idea what I would do for it when I took the assignment, but I knew it needed to be striking.
Every year I watch as we grow more and more partisan as a country, and every year it seems we are given more reasons why it is crucial that we figure out how to meet somewhere in the middle. I don’t consider myself politically savvy, but I have to believe safety and freedom are not mutually exclusive. I don’t believe banning guns is a solution, nor is adding them to the hips of school principals. I also don’t believe those are our only two choices. However, I do believe the vast majority of americans want the same things, despite what we see in the media, but we’ll never get there if we keep letting the far extremes and lobbyists do all the talking for us.
Thanks Sean for letting me tackle such a powerful subject and best of luck to Newsweek and their transition to a purely digital medium. The new issue of Newsweek can now be found in the itunes store.


5 thoughts on “Keith Negley – Newsweek

  1. Keith, this is such a brilliant piece, and also one of the first times I’ve seen animation really take illustration to the next level and help to tell a story. Congratulations.

  2. Nice work Keith. Well done. But its a mostly hopeless situation that we just have to deal with as best we can. There are over 300 million guns already in US circulation. Banning them will work as well as banning weed. The madness will only stop when we have some sort of “Minority Report” pre-cog unit, which is creepy at best. But there is no other way to be inside of everyone’s mind who might kill someone. Self protection, although onorous to many for some reason, seems the best defense. You take your kids to the airport. Its full of weapons. It doesn’t scare little Johnny. My kids are grown, but I would want them protected in the best way possible. Obama’s (and David Gregory’s) kids go to Sidwell. Its an armed camp. Are their kids more special than the rest of us? (btw- I hate guns, do not own a gun, and have no intention of ever having one, But I’m glad the good guys have them.)

  3. Guns in the hands of police and military only … days of gathering the militia are no longer needed. Wouldn’t trust that kind of patch work group roaming about. Putting my trust in our own armed forces.

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