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Joel Kimmel – Playboy

Off-Roading locations for Playboy

Off-Roading locations for Playboy

Happy New Year! I’m happy to finally be able to share this map I illustrated late in 2012 for Playboy. They’ve always been a dream client of mine because of the great illustrators they use and I was excited/surprised when they got in touch.

Of course as soon as my friends heard I was drawing something for Playboy they wanted to know all about it. I’ll admit that having Playboy as a client makes my job sound a bit more interesting to people who ask what it is I do. Well, it’s more exciting for the men, anyway.

I’ve really taken to drawing maps in the last year and had a fantastic time working on this one. Here are a couple detail shots below.

Detail of Jeep Moab

Detail of Jeep Moab

Detail of Arch Rock

Detail of Arch Rock

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