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Thomas James – Society of Illustrators 55

A little late in announcing this on the Illo Confidential blog, but I was very excited to find out that the above illustration, “For the Love of Books”, was chosen for inclusion in this year’s Society of Illustrators 55 annual in the Uncommissioned category. Thanks to Kate Feirtag who made the phone call, as well as competition Chair John Hendrix and the judges for the honor. So far, all of my pieces that have made it into the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration annuals over the years have been personal work, which really confirms the value of creating art for yourself.


Marshall Arisman, Illustrator
Natalie Ascensios, Illustrator
SooJin Buzelli, Creative Director, Plansponsor, Planadviser, aiCIO
Peter Kuper, Illustrator
Rotem Moscovich, Editor, Disney-Hyperion
Chris Silas Neal, Illustrator
Martha Rich, Illustrator
Mark Summers, Illustrator
Mark Todd, Illustrator

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