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Daniel Hertzberg – Editorial Updates

Quick but fun large-scale piece for the LA Times last week. The article was a bit dry- three top executives are in the running for the top spot at Warner Brothers. But there was disharmony and distrust throughout the offices over this, so I thought it would be fun to show a real fight going on. Really glad the spotlights were added- it makes this feel a bit more dramatic and reinforces how public this battle has become.

Here’s a full-pager for article on UCLA becoming a hothouse for tech innovation and entrepreneurial energy. The institution helps nurture and grow great ideas. What’s funny is lightbulbs representing ideas is the least innovative idea possible… the biggest cliché ever! But hopefully light bulbs as single hot-air balloons feels like a fresh take on it. This is somewhat of a departure for me- so many different colors!

Lot of sketches for this one too:

I was also honored to be assigned the cover of Government Executive last month (along with three full-pagers) for a special feature about the next four years in Washington, regardless who wins the election. Many changes and new challenges lie ahead for every government agency. Lots of sketches for these- Military’s new focus on China, agencies using much more mobile tech, new organization management, and for the cover I tried a few focusing on “new vision” or “new presidency.”

Lots of sketches for these as well:

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