Editorial / New Work

Daniel Fishel – The Globe & Mail

The image above is a piece that is going to be printed in today’s Globe & Mail, Fact’s and Arguments Section. I’ve been having a really great time over the past couple months illustrating things for Matthew French up at the Globe & Mail, and this piece is no exception. This piece is about how the author claimed to be able to go into survival mode if she was pinned in a tricky situation. She ended up having a complete mental break down only after spending four minutes stuck in an elevator with another women who didn’t know to stay as far away from her as possible or try calm her down.
Below is the first piece I sent in before being told that the author is a women and I should really make the illustration two women. It was a quick fix I turned around in less than an hour and half. It happens sometimes, but not all the time. Big thanks again to Matthew for another great assignment.

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