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Joel Kimmel – Grantland Quarterly

The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel

What a fun piece this was. I grew up reading comic books, and many of the comics I collected had characters created by Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby sometimes, too).

So when I was contacted by Grantland Quarterly to illustrate a story about Stan Lee, titled ‘The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel’, I was excited to do it. It was a great read. Like many early comic book character creators, Stan has lost the ownership of the superheroes he created and has no claim to the billions of dollars they make Marvel and Disney today. For the most part he’s accepted it and maintained his role as a comic book ambassador or even a  mascot – the face of Marvel comics.

I illustrated all the frames around the portrait as well and those were a lot of fun. It’s amazing how portraits come together sometimes. Stan Lee without his ruby-colored glasses just isn’t Stan Lee.

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