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Keith Negley – The New Republic


This is for The New Republic for a story about Republican voter surpression. Every election minorities make up a greater percentage of the votes, but instead of the GOP evolving their platform to represent the growing number of minority voices, they’re on a crusade to silence them. Republicans have long been proposing new voting laws they claim are in the interest of battling voter fraud, but the real motivation is to curb democrat (minority/elderly) voters.

Everything from requiring photo ID’s (many living in poverty as well as the elderly don’t carry photo ID’s), to shutting down early voting(creating long lines at the poles that discourage voters). The only way they can win is by rigging the results. The full story can be found here. Many thanks to Joe Heroun for the great assignment!

They say it’s going to be a close race, please go out and vote this tuesday, every vote will count!

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