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Daniel Hertzberg – Autumn Update

I had the honor of working with the folks at BBDO on a few things for the Chicago Marathon, which took place on October 7th. They had a very clear vision of what they were looking for, and they needed it quickly. They provided references as well. These pieces were used for murals and for posters to promote the marathon. My wife and I visited Chicago that weekend and we took a few snapshots of the murals that overlook the Kennedy Expressway. For more pics from the project:

I also had the great honor and pleasure of doing baseball players for Major League Baseball’s 2012 Postseason Style Guide. The players needed to be anonymous, so it was impossible to tell what team they played on or even what race/nationality they were, and the colors had to fit with the World Series logo palette. From what I’ve found online and on Ebay, the players were used on tickets, cups, posters and other memorabilia. I’m curious where else they’ll wind up during the World Series, which started this week in San Francisco. A tremendous thanks to the folks at Fanbrandz ( who are miraculously down the block from me in Montclair, NJ!

I also did a series of illustrations for a consulting firm about the future of the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors are kinda like microchips, incase you didn’t know. And they’re used in every smart phone, car and computer (and MANY other things) being produced today. The illustration above was used for the wraparound cover to show the awesome capabilities and almost magical powers semiconductors have. The other illos are all long horizontals (with the gutter in the center) which poses an interesting challenge. Below are a few more:

For more on the project, here’s a blog post:

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