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Thomas James – For the Love of Books

When I’m in between commissioned editorial work, I like to take the time to execute some ideas that have been waiting in line in my brain. Here’s one inspired by the insatiable love my children have for books, which reminds me of my own passion for reading in my younger days. I’m thinking of making a print of this one if anyone’s interested.

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One thought on “Thomas James – For the Love of Books

  1. Great idea, and really dig the simplicity of the execution. If I may add a suggestion, I think it might be nice to see a child/children somehow worked into the composition to increase the level of visual engagement (yes, I’m afraid I’m referencing that old cliche of “if you see a human being in the picture, then it’s easier to relate to it”), but without being redundant or losing the immediacy of the image. Otherwise, I agree that this would make a great print/poster just as it is.

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