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Keith Negley – NYT / LAT

I have the coasts covered this weekend. The first is for this sunday’s cover of the business section in the Los Angeles Times. The art reflects the new rapid uptick in the housing market in California. Apparently values there are the highest they’ve seen in 5 years. I got the call at 2:00pm and they needed the final by 7:00 that night. Thanks to Derek Simmons for the adrenaline rush. Story is here.


This next one is in this Sunday’s New York Time’s Business section which is a first for me there. Art Director Minh Uohng and I have tried to connect once in the past but thankfully this time I was able to make it happen. It was for a story that responds to Mitt Romney’s “Takers vs. Makers” comment and the writer claims in actuality we’re all a little of both. Story is here. Thanks for looking!

3 thoughts on “Keith Negley – NYT / LAT

  1. Love your work, Keith! A crisp feel, retro colour combinations and great storytelling. Thank you for doing what you do!

    I’m constantly trying to reach higher in my own work. Sharpening my storytelling skills and tossing ugly colour combinations out the window. I usually succeed but never the less I find myself thinking: -The next project will be IT!

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