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PJ McQuade – Prometheus (re)Bound – An Alternate Opening

This idea was hatched back in June.  Beers and schwarma with John Powers and William Powhida.  We were all excited about the new Alien “prequel” Prometheus and talked about it at length.  But after seeing, we saw it as a missed opportunity to say the least.  Using the script as a guide, John and Bill added and subtracted parts to create a new fan fiction of the movie.  I agreed to an illustration showcasing the changes.  What started as one turned into many.  The idea of aliens causing the dinosaur apocalypse event was very enticing to me and I had a blast working in widescreen so it just evolved from there. Below if the new opening of the our movie, with a bit more spectacle and specificity, and did I mention dinosaurs!

[Open with scenes of the primal Universe, the big bang, stars are born, and planets form. Zoom down to see huge volcanoes, storming seas, life emerges]

Titles: Yucatán Peninsula, 65 million years ago

[The shot pulls back through a lush rain forest densely populated by huge feathered dinosaurs.]

[Pulling upwards and zooming out until we see the earth as seen from space.]

[A huge alien vessel approaches.]

[As the ship slowly makes contact with the outer atmosphere, it triggers a huge explosion that sets the atmosphere ablaze.]

[[The ship moves slowly downward until it perches on one point at the ridge of the newly formed Chicxuluba Crater, next to a giant waterfall that has formed in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Exiting an aperture at the vessel’s low point, two dozen almost transparently pale, hairless, humanoids are forced from the ship by a dozen black, insectoid xenomorphs. The humanoids, who are clearly terrified as they are dogged and herded, form a tight circle near the edge of a newly formed cliff.]

[The humanoids appear weak and sick – the blacks of their eyes are engorged, their skin, mottled. The xenomorphs define a perimeter as the humanoids are ravaged from within and, one by one, begin to collapse. As they do, they begin spouting snakes and octopus-like creatures from their mouths, genitals, and finally from the cracking flesh of their abdomens and skulls. We now see the much larger figure – its head and shoulders encased in a globe of translucent organic material that appears to be a Portuguese Man of War, it is still recognizable as a living Space Jockey. The “Engineer” backs away cautiously, as if afraid of the Trilobites, and begin moving towards the ship as xenomorphs rush in, unafraid, to devour the white translucent creatures. The ship is shown lifting off as the humanoids’ flesh is left to break apart, loosing their DNA on earth’s eco system like exploding seed pods.]
Fade to black
I dunno, that would have been a cooler opening in my book then what we got.
To read the rest of the script changes, check out John Powers’ updated Star Wars Modern
Below is the whole sequence, scrollable.

2 thoughts on “PJ McQuade – Prometheus (re)Bound – An Alternate Opening

    • Thanks Daniel, so glad you dig it! That was the first image i did, what compelled me to do this series, just couldn’t shake it this vision I had. Gotta do more dinos going forward,my inner eight year old must be expressed!

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