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Thomas Pitilli – WashPost Weekend Pass


This was a real fun one to work on! It was for the Weekend Pass edition that was covering the SPX (small press expo) indie comix festival a couple weeks back. The best part of this for me was getting to sneak in a few tributes to some of my comic heroes and influences, including one of my all time favorites, Jaime Hernandez!

One thought on “Thomas Pitilli – WashPost Weekend Pass

  1. … I was wandering through a hotel lobby in D.C. last week, and someone had left a copy of this sitting on one of the lounge seats. I did a stop-skid when my eye caught it–particularly the Jaime tattoo–which was probably pretty amusing to anybody within witness-distance.

    But, dammit, it was worth it. Nicely done, sir. :D

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