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Keith Negley – Dallas Observer

Two weeks ago I got a last minute call to do the Dallas Observer’s ‘Best Of’ issue (big thanks goes to Pete Ryan for the referral!). I had always wanted to do a best of issue ever since the Seattle Metropolitan hired Christian Northeast to do theirs back in 2007. For an illustrator it’s kind of like owning the issue. Every category of the city is given it’s own section and each section gets it’s own full page illo. Unfortunately their turn around was brutal. The call was on a wednesday night and they needed a finished cover and 5 full page pieces by friday the following week. Not the end of the world, but when juggling full time grad school and a full plate of other assignments I knew I was in for a few late nights of work.

They requested that the art take on a political/propaganda poster look to coincide with the upcoming presidential elections including a spin on the Obama “Hope” poster, and the V for Vendetta masks the Occupiers wear. While I was inspired by the idea of propaganda aesthetics, I wasn’t completely keen on referencing pop culture in the pieces, especially given the time contraints. Instead I decided to be selfish and pitch what I wanted to do, which was simple, bold abstract figures that subtly reference vintage posters, but with a fresh spin to them. Luckily for me they were on board. Special thanks to Tracie Louck who art directed and was a breeze to work with. I’m very happy with the results, and I hope they are too. Thanks for reading!

CULTURE: Best Skare Park

FOOD: Best Custom Icecream

NIGHTLIFE: Best Dance Club

PEOPLE: Best Barista

SERVICE: Best Dog Rescue

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