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Noah Patrick Pfarr – The Future Apple User

This was a quick piece I did collaborating with Aaron Colter on an editorial pitch to Digital Trends, a website specializing in technology news etc.

The article was about the future of Mac Users, zeroing in on a few possible tech features that may become popular for everyday use.

It also sort of pokes fun at the absurdity of some of these devices:







-Augmented reality glasses that make the world look way better than it is – car become buffalo or dinosaurs, etc.Option to fuse to your face so you don’t lose them.

-Electrified finger tips enable awesome game controllers!

-Person becomes literal solar-powered wi-fi 11G hotspot. Now you never have to be without Internet again!

-Automatic cloud and brain synching. Download that data to your skull!

-Built-in earphones. Never worry about taking them out again!




I did a little ridiculous play on an Apple ad featuring a character utilizing all the products at once.


It was a fun little piece that I cranked out in an afternoon.  Digital Trends didn’t end up publishing the article, but hopefully this is the beginning of a good relationship with an editorial writer.

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