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Daniel Hertzberg – “Winning the Thirty Trillion Dollar Decathlon”

I recently worked on a group of illustrations for a book with the epic title Winning the Thirty Trillion Dollar Decathlon. You’ll see many cover sketches below that work with the growth and retail aspects.

Below is the chosen image for the inside spread. I thought skyscrapers could become an olympic podium, since this is what happens at the end of the decathlon (they also decided this should be olympic/decathlon themed).

Below are the other three inside spreads.

“Throwing Accurately.” About setting sights on where to take your business.

“Jumping In.” Taking the next steps to bring your business to other parts of the world.

“Running the Distance.” Beating out your competition and making it sustainable for the long haul.

Here are a bunch of sketches for the inside illos. Many of them I liked, including a baton skyscraper being passed, large skyscraper tree, competing business bocce ball, and crossing finish line/ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Below are a bunch of rejected sketches for the cover, some of which I may take to final, to give them new life.

Of these, I like the bees being attracted to the different cities around the world idea (skyscraper flower pedals of different cities) and the diver diving into a city map, making a splash.
Thanks Cary for the fun, challenging assignment!

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