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Kyle T. Webster – Recent Work for Bicycling

Here are  a few drawings from the past few issues of Bicycling (2 full pages, a half page, and some spots). I have been working for them since 2007 and they have provided me with lots of fun assignments. After all these years, though, I still find it challenging to draw bikes!

7 thoughts on “Kyle T. Webster – Recent Work for Bicycling

  1. these are great! But that second one with the guy thinking about a relaxing ride is truly awesome. Those solid blacks are really doing it. I want to see a Kyle Webster Spider-Man comic cover, that would be so good!

  2. Nice series, Kyle. I really like the simplified drawings of the bicycles in these. I’ve struggled with drawing them before as well because of all the parts, but this approach works great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Remember that cover you did way back, a woman running with an ipod I think, it was green? That was right around when your line became so absolutely yours and ever since I have admired your simpler drawings so much…great work.

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