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Daniel Fishel – 2013 NPR Calendar

I am proud to share my artwork I created for the 2013 National Public Radio Calendar. You can purchase the calendar now to support NPR and your local member stations.  I am super flattered to be apart of a iconic calendar that many amazing illustrators have drawn for before me. I am also really glad to be in the company of friends who also illustrated next years calendar which is a very cool surprise.

I had the pleasure of working with Katie Burk, who art directored the project. The only direction she gave was that it had to be about my personal connection to NPR. So with this image, I used it as an excuse to really drawl out a personal narrative that I try to bring in all of my work.

I grew up in a trailer park outside of a small town, south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Many summers I would go fishing by a creek that separated the trailer park and the Application trail. Some of my best memories come from hanging out alone or with some friends by this creek listening to the radio.

By the time I got to high school, many of my peers talked about how they wanted to spend the rest of their lives in our home town. I was one of them. I originally wanted to go to a local college to come back to become a art teacher at the high school I went to or atleast one of the local school districts. I didn’t really see a world outside of where I grew up until I started listening to NPR. Listening to NPR gave me an awareness that there is life outside of my small town, and really connected me to the rest of the world through radio.

That fact probably dates me a bit because this is all before the internet has connected people the way it does today through video and podcasts but that’s ok. In a way, I was inspired to take the next steps as a young adult outside of my small town which lead me to live in New York City for the past four years. I do plan on exploring the world when I am ready, but I feel there is a lot to see throughout the nation first before I become a world traveler. None the less, I wanted to make an image that really reflected how NPR connected me to the rest of the world.

A big thank you again goes to Katie, and the fine folk at NPR who put together a beautiful calendar year after year. Please, Please, do purchase a calendar. All of the money goes toward keeping NPR on the air.

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