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Keith Negley – Silver Screen Society

So here is something really fun I got to do. It’s a film poster for the Silver Screen Society, a curated online gallery for film posters re-imagined and inspired by classic films. Every month they pick a film and have designers and artists take a stab at creating a poster. I highly recommend checking it out here.

So I got to do the first Lord Of The Rings movie. I was a little intimidated at first since I’ve never tackled anything fantasy related, but after watching the film again it became clear there was only one scene I wanted to do, and only one way I could see doing it. That’s the incredible stand off with Gandalf and Balrog the fire demon. I let the textures fly here but still kept things simple and graphic. I’ve enjoyed working in black and white lately and it really fit the mood, and helped tie all the textures together. Detail shots below, thanks for reading!

detail 1.

detail 2.

4 thoughts on “Keith Negley – Silver Screen Society

  1. I hate those movies and I would still hang this up because it’s that goddam good. This was seriously brilliant.

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