Daniel Hertzberg

Daniel Hertzberg – 2012-2013 Season Theater Posters

I had the honor of doing a series of theater posters for a friend of a friend who runs the La Habra High School Theater Guild, in La Habra, California. These were a fun departure for me because so much of the work I’ve done is editorial. It was a nice challenge to think in more ambiguous-terms. Also worth noting, but obvious: These are for a high school. The job of these posters is to generate serious interest for all student-types, even the jocks. So if any of these plays are more feminine-feeling, there needed to be more masculine-feeling imagery in the posters. The first poster was for the Crucible:

The Crucible is about people being wrongfully accused of witchcraft, pressured to confess and set to hang. It was hard not to think about a noose but I’m glad none of the other sketches were chosen:

The second was for the musical Oklahoma! (no sketches for this one)

Third is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:

There are many Egyptian undertones in the play, so I really tried throwing in as much Egyptian iconography in the sketches as possible. Hopefully it’s clear in the final that those are pyramids in the bottom half of his coat:

Fourth is God of Carnage:

Two children get into an argument and one knocks two teeth out from the other. The parents of both kids meet and as the evening goes on, much alcohol is consumed and the arguments become insane. Tried playing with alcohol and teeth in the sketches:

Fifth is Noises Off:

It’s a comedy involving the production of a play titled “Nothing On” and the behind-the-scenes of that play. Off-stage chaos and on-stage performance collide and several plates of prop sardines get in the way. Sketches:

Sixth is Pride & Prejudice:

Mr. Darcy overcomes his pride and Elizabeth Bennet overcomes her prejudice and fall in love. Mr. Darcy expresses his love to her in a letter. I thought it would be great if the letter was Mr. Darcy’s heart on his sleeve. Sketches:

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