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Brett Affrunti – WSJ Sunday Journal

Last week I got a call from the Wall Street Journal to do a spot illustration for the Sunday Journal about how to make the most of outdoor events as a street vendor! He gave me some nice freedom to do a drawing that was pretty self explanatory of a street vendor enjoying an outdoor market. The spot ran fairly small, so I couldn’t get into too much detail and had to keep that in mind (reproduction and print quality), but I was able to include some details from the story – like bringing a paper weight for paper materials, bringing fans to cool down customers and yourself, etc. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Brett Affrunti – WSJ Sunday Journal

  1. This is exactly how the Brooklyn Flee looks. Hipsters with their arms crossed and an attitude which makes you think, “Are you trying to sell me stuff or turn me away?” Wonderful work Brett.

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