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Keith Negley – The New Republic

Here’s something hot off the press for The New Republic. It’s for a story that covers everything from Romney’s soon to be record breaking fundraising, to how Democrats are not as motivated as they were in 2008. After working through a few different directions to take the art Joe and I decided to keep things simple, which I think always makes for the best work. Despite a quicker turn around I was able to paint a few things by hand, and I broke out the airbrush tool for this too which I only just started doing again after quite a few years. The end result is a no holds barred mix of Illustrator, Photoshop, paper collage, watercolor, ink, acrylic, and some texture I got by scanning in an old cookie sheet. Thanks again to the great Joe Heroun for letting me stretch out a bit. It goes without saying that working with an Art Director that you share a mutual trust with can make all the difference. Read the full story here. Original sketch and some process below. Thanks for Reading!

Thumbnail (for my eyes only):

Vector Sketch (what the client signed off on):

Vector art pre-Photoshop:





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