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Keith Negley – Global Brief

This is for the latest issue of Global Brief (#10), a very stylish publication about world affairs. It’s for a story about Russia and the EU and how their different paths to modernization will end with the same result. After my recent New Republic cover I still had mountains on the brain apparently and liked how the concept allowed me to get really minimal. Big thanks to Art Director Louis Fishauf for thinking of me for the assignment, and letting me take this piece exactly where I wanted. Every issue of Global Brief is packed with some of my favorite illustrators so it’s always an honor to be printed along side them. This particular issue has great work by Christian Northeast, Harry Campbell and Dan Page among others. You can check out the complete online issue here: 

As far as process I built the image in Illustrator, printed the separate elements out and then made xerox copies of everything before scanning them back in. The end result is subtle but softens up the hard vector edges just enough to keep things interesting for me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that finding me ideal process will be a never ending quest. Below is the spread, a detail and the approved sketch. Thanks for checking it out!

4 thoughts on “Keith Negley – Global Brief

  1. Are you going to do prints of this as its one of the loveliest images I’ve seen for a while, I lovely the palette and the simplicity and my favourite scenery is always the mountains!

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