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Chris Gash – 10 Years On the Road

Here is this week’s spot for Joe Sharkey’s On the Road column in the NYTimes Business Day – the topic was about a young woman who aspired to be a flight attendant in spite of all the cons:

Last month marked 10 years that I’ve been illustrating this column. It’s been a great run and I am very fortunate to have a weekly assignment that has lasted this long. Here are a few of my favorites from the past decade…

The worst cities for travel-related taxes and fees:

Disgruntled flight attendants:

High-end hotels starting to bounce back:

The proliferation of yellow light traffic cameras:

Airline alliances:

You can read the full recap on my blog here, thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Chris Gash – 10 Years On the Road

  1. A 10 year run is an amazing accomplishment. Ever think about putting together a book of all of them? It would be a high concept goldmine of a coffee table/ toilet book.

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