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Keith Negley – NYT

Here are a couple recent pieces for The New York Times. This first one is for the Book Review for a novel called “Wish You Were Here” by Graham Swift. The story entails a middle aged man who runs an RV park on a small island off of the coast of England. He gets news of his brother’s death and as the story unfolds he unravels psychologically. Art Director: Nicholas Blechman. Here is the approved sketch and the link to the review:


Next is something for The New York Times Wellness blog. For a story about the homosexual discrimination that is still prevalent in the medical field. Followed by the approved sketch and link to the story. Art Director: Peter Morance.


4 thoughts on “Keith Negley – NYT

  1. Hi I was wondering if there is a way I could use the second image!! I’m a med student trying to set up a LGBTQ+ newsletter in my medical community and I was wondering if I could reproduce the image :) let me know!

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