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Noah Patrick Pfarr – New Work

I like to read news articles to get ideas for personal editorial work, and I came across a piece on potential bio-terror agents (such as anthrax and bird flu) and how easily accessible they are.   One of the points this article makes is that these viruses can be found easily in nature even by someone with limited to no scientific expertise.  Here is a short exerpt:

This means a terrorist may need few tools, little training, minimal money and no published blueprint to harvest a superbug and then unleash it in food, water, air or via insect vectors such as fleas or mosquitos. “As a normal person, you can collect anthrax in Texas soil or ebola in Africa by hunting down a monkey,” says Ramon Flick, chief scientific officer at BioProtection Systems Corp., which develops anti-viral vaccines. “It’s so easy to get a potential bioterror agent in your hands.” – via Huffington Post

I like the use of the word ‘harvest’ when talking about obtaining one of these viruses.  It made me think of workers in a field harvesting fruit or some such crop.  My piece is along those lines, but instead of picking fruit they are picking an over-sized depiction of what a virus looks like under the microscope.  I always wanted an excuse to draw a Hazmat suit… and I love to make things glow.Here are a few of my sketches:

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