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Keith Negley – New York Times


Here are some recent pieces for The New York Times. The first was a review of Michael McGriff’s Home Burial. A book of bleak but beautiful poetry. I’m really enjoying these emotionally driven assignments. While I still enjoy the challenge of coming up with clever conceptual solutions I must say my true passion lies in focusing more on creating a mood and atmosphere to tell the story. Here I am again using whatever methods feel right to me at the time. I incorporated some cut paper for this one which is a first for me. The approved sketch is below the final art. Thanks to Nicholas Blechman for the wonderful assignment. The inspiration for the image came from a poem that was referenced in the review:

And there we were, locked in the


someone yelling and throwing


against the door,

my friend’s blood fanned out behind him

into points of red tar



Next was for an OpEd on the privatization of immigration and border control. With private companies running border patrol accountability gets murky and those in custody suffer. The story specifically referenced someone who died due to abuse while in custody. Here I drew the black background shape with a 1″ roller typically used for block printing. Using rollers for texture is nothing new in my work, but I’ve never used one to draw shapes and lines. It gave me the organic line quality I was looking for, but still maintained a graphic quality that I wasn’t getting with a brush. I was really happy with the result and you’ll be seeing me using the roller to draw shapes more in the future for sure. Thanks to Matt Dorfman for the project. Here is the story:

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