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Daniel Fishel – Honolulu Magazine

This month, I was generously given some breath taking photographs to use as reference for a column I illustrate for Honolulu Magazine called “After thoughts”. This months story is about a trail called “the Stairway to heaven”, which is “3,922 metal stairs bolted to the side of a lush” mountains that stretch miles. Basically what is going on in this story are two things.

1. The Hawaiian government has banned people to walk the trail since 1987.

2. People still sneak onto the trail and it becomes really congested at late hours of the night when guards are least likely protecting the entrance of the trail.

After reading the story, I wonder why it’s such a concern to keep people off of the trail. Is it for health reason? Did something really terrible happen? All I know is, after seeing some of the photographs of the trail, I really want to walk it. Anyways, after talking with Cody, we decided to combine both of these sketch idea’s to go towards the final illustration.

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