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PJ McQuade – LA Weekly – Driving Miss Saudi

Got an illustration in this week’s LA Weekly. Check it out all you Lala Landers. It’s for an article entitled “Driving Miss Saudi” about Jayne Amelia Larson,  a down-n-out screenwriter’s experience chauffeuring the women of the Saudi Royal Family around Beverly Hills, along with all the other passengers that LA has to offer. She went on to publish a book about it and now has a one woman play based on the book.

It started off as a more likeness based gig but I saw a opportunity to do something more and went with it. The AD really dug the concept, approved my sketches and I took it to final. Looking to expand my repertoire into a more narrative based realm, think this is a nice start.

I threw a sheet over my poor wife to gather some reference for the burkas and bags. Here are some of the shots. We got some weird looks on the street.

Here’s a screen shot of all the files and other reference I used for the gig.

6 thoughts on “PJ McQuade – LA Weekly – Driving Miss Saudi

  1. I like this piece. One thing I think really makes it work well is the fact that the author is portrayed looking at the viewer. It really sells the autobiographical theme of the book, while still having the other elements taking place in the image. Nice approach.

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