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Daniel Fishel – Notre Dame Magazine

I had the pleasure of working with Kerry at Notre Dame magazine on a series of short stories written by alumni. This in itself is a dream job for me because I believe that my work fits well with a lot of content, but short stories go the extra mile in terms of visuals.

The above image is for a story about how a friendship grows distant because of how easy it is to connect and disconnect with someone through facebook. You can be so distant from seeing all the signs that your friend of so many years might be depressed to the point of taking her own life and in the story that is exactly what happens.

This is a story written by an alumni about a crazy adventure in the congo where she had to get a signature from an arch bishop. What would of normally been a 3 hour drive became a five event because of different conflicts that came along the way.

I kinda thought this was an interesting story to illustrate and was shocked that Kerry went for a more designy solution. I love hand lettering. This is a story about how no matter how much a guy’s band’s sound levels were adjusted, there was no way their band could “Unsuck” their sound.

Finally, I got to illustrate a story about a women who worked at a law firm when she graduated from Notre Dame and decided to leave the firm to have/raise a child. Once her daughter was three or four years old, she was old enough for her to leave the house with her husband on date nights to do things. In the story she struggles to disconnect with her identity as a mother as she heads out on a date night with her husband and even when shopping for clothes.

Anyways, these stories were a thrill to work on. I can’t wait to work on something like this again, especially if it’s for Kerry.

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